Daily #1: The Messy Traveler Returns

Sweeping Motions

What’s messier right now — your bedroom or you computer’s desktop (or your favorite device’s home screen)? Tell us how and why it got to that state.


I got the empty carcasses of backpacks, suit cases, weekend bags, and cardboards boxes lying exhausted against the walls of my floor.

Those troopers have seen some things.

Thankfully, I could rely on them to help me along.  Backpacking across Europe, my tough 40 liter Osprey Talon was the perfect size for me.  Some people I encountered traveling thought that that it was way too small, but some backpackers were carrying huge 90 liter bags!  I could fit in one of those things.  And even though I was only gone for a couple a months, I could have lived out of my bag a lot longer and honestly brought even less.  Traveling really makes you see how little you need.

Then I came back to New York, my remains of my emptied out apartment in my aunt’s garage and my car waiting for me to drive back home to California.  Coming back to New York and seeing all this stuff I had waiting for me – after living out of my pack, it all seemed like just too much for one person to possess.  I gave away half my clothes to my cousins, boxed up the rest, carefully stored up the few precious knickknacks I had, and headed back home to California.  Five days of cross-country travel later, I arrived.

Now I’ve been home about a week.  And instantly my stuff became scattered about. I’ve always been messy, I think it helps me feel more creative (that’s my excuse anyway).  But I haven’t even unloaded everything. This poor little room…It must dread the coming tide of card board boxes ready to unpack.

Yet I’m home now.  I can lay on my unmade bed and watch the birds from my window, feel the California breeze and smell the ocean’s closeness.  I can finally take off my pack, leave my boxes where they rest, and finally remain still.