A New Day to Begin Again

I’m back.

After four months of traveling from Israel to Italy, to Greece to Spain; after battling relentless mosquitoes (they were everywhere); after fighting off creepy grabby foreign men and then being rescued by ones tall, dark, and handsome; after traveling with best friends having more fun than can be contained, and venturing off alone to find solitude on a white sand Cretan beach; to seeing the walls of old Jerusalem and climbing the walls of old Rhodos; the sweet, dark red wine of Tuscany and the aniseed taste of Rakhi and Ouzo; music of Italian lovers and the droning unce unce unce of clubs I couldn’t escape.

Touching the kotel, The Wailing Wall – feeling free.  Climbing the steps of Cinque Terre, a thunderstorm lashing out over a tumultuous green see – feeling free.  The clearest stars in the Negev.  The rapturous chaos of Sagrada Familia, lost in the face of a faceless Christ.  Traveling, making new friends, discovering that the world is full of so many voices, so many stories, so many names.  And not having to hide anything, just to be myself – feeling free.

Now it is back to reality.  And I don’t mourn for it.  I learned more than I can say on my travels about myself and about the world, but somethings need the sedentary task of sitting your butt down in a chair and getting to work.  Such as continuing this blog!

I’m happy to be back; back in California, and able to focus on the things I couldn’t accomplish while traveling.  Now that I am here and returned to my forsaken site, I intend not to leave it unattended for too long again!  To kick this off, I will be taking part in The Daily Post’s postaday challenges for the whole rest of the month of October.  Wish me luck, and I’ll see you around.

Left Image from: http://lookforthebeautiful.tumblr.com/


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